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TOPIC: LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal

LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal 2 years 3 months ago #597

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I have submitted a proposal to my fellow IMPBA board members for review at the upcoming meeting. The proposal is as below, I have also attached it as a .pdf file if any would like to save and print it.

Gas Scale Unlimited Rules

The purpose is to realistically duplicate the Unlimited Hydroplanes for gasoline powered racing.

Function of District Scale Director
a. Coordinates registrations for their district.
b. Has the power to appoint a committee to resolve protests.
c. Oversees the operation of scale hydros in the district and assists IMPBA in scale
hydro matters.
d. Keeps point record for district high-point trophy if needed.
e. When vacancies occur, this position will be appointed by the current District Director or
the National Scale Hydro Chairman.

Registration Procedures
1. All boats must be registered with the District Scale Director.
2. The District Scale Director will require the following information in writing:
a. Name, address and phone number
b. IMPBA number
c. Unlimited name, year raced, and number
d. Length and beam of prototype boat and model
e. Prototype designer and boat colors
f. Must submit a photo of prototype boat
g. If required by district a $5.00 annual registration fee to be submitted upon completion of model & prior
to it competing in a sanctioned event. Purpose of fees-monies is to cover registration printing
costs & postage fees. A boat registered in one District may race in any District.
3. Boat must compete at a racing event within one year from registration.

Engine and Boat Specifications
1. All models must be of a real unlimited hydroplane listed in the APBA/H1 Master Hull Roster list. In the event of a question of legality, the burden of proof falls upon the owner to prove the real boat raced or qualified in a sanctioned event, in the configuration being modeled, via photographic and/or written documentation. Failure to adequately meet the validation requirements can result in disqualification.
2. All boats to be built to a scale of 1.8" to 1'0" (1/6.667 scale) plus or minus 10% of the beam
and 5% of the length.
3. Boats will look as scale as possible and meet the following requirements for racing and scale
a. Cockpit with driver
b. Complete all major lettering and paint schemes
c. Gasoline engine and complete exhaust system excluding up to 1" of exhaust outlet must be concealed with fake engine or cowling as per prototype boat.
4. Hull bottom and running hardware will not be judged or checked. However, hull must not deviate from conventional 3-point hydro (unless prototype was a different design).
a. Hull bottom must be scale appearing.
b. Belly pans are acceptable to clear engine and/or flywheel but maximum width shall be no greater than 5". Belly pan may not be used as a form of planing surface and cannot exceed the depth of any riding surface or recovery surface.
c. Secondary front sponson running surfaces are optional.
d. Air traps are optional.
5. Engine must not exceed a maximum displacement of 31.00cc utilizing a single cylinder gasoline fuel engine with spark ignition and must comply with all IMPBA LSG engine and noise rules.
6. Boat shall use same number of propellers as the prototype.
7. The drive dog must not extend beyond the transom unless the prototype's strut and/or drive dog did so. Photo documentation may be requested for proof by race CD or district scale director.
8. No twin rudder assemblies allowed.
9. Boats must have the ability to change radio frequency if using non DSM type radio.

Rules for Optional Scale Judging (Concours)
1. Boat must accumulate 50 points minimum in heat racing to qualify for scale judging.
2. Judging points to be separate from racing points.
3. All boats are to be judged at a distance no closer than 5 feet.
4. A picture must be submitted for the scale judging. Failure to submit picture disqualifies boat from Concours judging.
5. Points as follows:
a. 1 to 10 overall scale appearance
b. 1 to 10 for detail, engine, cowl, driver, etc.
c. 1 to 10 for paint job, markings, etc.
d. 1 to 10 for construction

Racing Rules
1. Normal IMPBA driving rules will be followed.
2. Only the registered owner can race his gas unlimited hydroplane.
3. Cutting or hitting a buoy at any time shall incur a 50-point penalty.
4. Normal heat racing rules to be used as racing format and each heat will be limited
to no more than 6 boats raced together at any one time.
5. If any removable parts (cowling(s), wing(s), dummy engine, driver, etc.) fall off
during a heat, except as the result of a collision, that boat will receive no more than
sixth place points for that heat. This penalization does not affect the finishing
placement of the boat, only the points awarded. The points awarded and placements of
the other boats in the heat are not affected by this ruling.

1. Records shall be established in the Gas Scale Unlimited class as listed in the “Records” section of
Rules of Competition.
2. Only boats properly registered will be eligible to establish records.
3. Only the registered owner can attempt to set a record with the registered Scale Unlimited.
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Re: LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal 2 years 3 months ago #599


Great to see this proposal. This will be an excellent builder's class. I am looking forward to seeing how the proposal does.

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Re: LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal 2 years 3 months ago #600

I some people are going to gas but do we really need another class?

As it is there are way tooooooo many for anyone to know what to play, unless you are Pete that has just about one of everything :)

As with electric they where trimmed down but then someone decided that stock needed to added. Well at least they are only for records and not heat racing as there is no way to tech the motors without destroying them.

Come on guys enough is enough lets try and promote what is there.
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Re: LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal 2 years 2 months ago #604

I think this s a great idea for a class, we get a chance to build a boat that looks like a real boat and be able to race it with like boats. I personally think it is a good class for the more mature boaters.
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Re: LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal 2 years 2 months ago #605

I have to agree with Randall on this one. Do we REALLY need another class? We already have gas classes that are hurting in numbers and some nitro and FE classes that are never run.

Instead of pushing ANOTHER class that will most likely be nothing more than a ''flash in the pan'', why not try to promote the hobby with a NOVICE class?

Just my opinion ... Randy
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Re: LSG Unlimited Hydroplane class rules proposal 1 year 11 months ago #629

Not another class. Can't you find a hull that can be scaled to fit in a current gas class? Then you can get your building rocks off and work hard to get it run as fast.
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