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Heat Racing:

Radio Control model boat racing has, as its base, rules similar to those used by the "Big Unlimited Boats". The course is the shape of an oval, with three buoys at each end forming the curves of the oval. Racers envision "lanes" of travel around the oval, with lane "one" being closest to the buoys. Each lane is defined to be two boat lengths wide. Each boat races in 3 to 5 "heats", obtaining a score for each. Adding up these points determines the winners in each class. In the case of a tie, a runoff heat takes place. Each heat includes three phases: pit time (a two-minute period for starting and launching the boats); clock time (30 seconds in which the drivers now on the course attempt to pace and position themselves for the start of the race); and course time (5 minutes in which to make the required number of laps). The expiration of clock time signifies the start of the heat, regardless of the position of boats on the course. This event is generally noted by an audible horn or a flash from the strobe mounted on a physical clock at the center of the course. Boats that cross the start line prior to the expiration of clock time have "jumped the gun" and must continue around the course and re-cross the start line for a legal start. For more information on heat racing, see "contest and racing rules" in the IMPBA rulebook.