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Each year IMPBA holds an International Regatta where model boaters from throughout the membership gather together in competition events. National Championship trophies (US-1) are awarded for each class of Hydro, Mono, and Outboard based on 1/16 mile straight trophy trials, 1/3-mile oval trophy trials, and multi-boat heat racing. The host club may elect to offer special events for other classes as well.

Also awarded at the International Regatta is the Excellence of Performance Trophy (known as IMPBA's highest honor, and based on a weighted average of a single boat's performance in the 1/16 mile straightaway, the 1/3 mile oval, and multi-boat heat racing), the President's Cup Trophy (based on the best single performance of 2 boats in heat racing only), the William E. LeFeber Award (for outstanding sportsmanship and service to the organization), and the John Bridge Trophy (for the best total score with a multi-engine hydro in F class, U.S. 1 competition).

The following lists the locations of the IMPBA International Regatta (the Internats):


St. Louis, MO 1957
Detroit, MI 1958
Indianapolis, IN (1st RC) 1959
Parsippany, NJ 1960
Chicago (Marquette), IL 1961
Seattle, WA 1962
Lombard, IL (1st st. 1/16) 1963
St. Louis, MO 1964
Cape Coral, FL 1965
Wheeling, IL ( RC only) 1966
San Francisco, CA 1967
Chicago (Marquette), IL 1968
San Diego, CA 1969
Buffalo, NY (1/3 mile) 1970
Memphis, TN 1971
Flint, MI 1972
Kitchener, Ontario 1973
Countryside, IL 1974
Indianapolis, IN 1975
Chesapeake, VA 1976
Hammond, LA 1977
Flint, MI 1978
Dallas, TX 1979
Bartow, FL 1980
Indianapolis, IN 1981
Orlando, FL 1982
Oxford, MI 1983
Bartow, FL 1984
Huntsville, AL 1985
Huntsville, AL 1986
Huntsville, AL 1987
Huntsville, AL 1988
Slidell, LA 1989
Sarasota, FL 1990
Atlanta, GA 1991
Huntsville, AL 1992
St. Louis, MO 1993
Ft. Worth, TX 1994
Bartow, Fl 1995
Ft. Wayne, IN 1996
Elmira, NY 1997
Huntsville, AL 1998
Huntsville, AL 1999
Milan, IL 2000
Sarasota, Florida 2001
Evansville, IN 2002
Milford, Michigan 2003
Jackson, TN 2004
Jackson, TN 2005
Evansville, Indiana 2006
Seville, Ohio 2007
Evansville, Indiana 2008
Seville, Ohio
Seville, Ohio 2010