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TOPIC: Sport 20

Sport 20 4 years 4 months ago #257

Does the engine on the sport 20 have to be covered?
Want to try a air cooled engine if possible.

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Re: Sport 20 4 years 4 months ago #258

  • Paul Bychowski
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Hi Randall,

I am not a sport 20 racer but figured i would chime in.

Below are the rules and based on the rules i would say "Yes" you can run and open engine. But you need to some how dress that open engine to resemble a engine that should be in the full scale version .... ya know its gotta look like a real boat, that's what the rules say.

Sportsman 20 Hydro (Sport 20 Hydro)
Boat Specifications
1. Boat must be inboard powered.
2. Hull must be a three (3) point hydroplane configuration and resemble a limited or
unlimited hydroplane design of past or present. Hulls not permitted: outrigger,
modified outrigger, tunnels, or canard hulls.
3. Boat must have a name, or sponsor's name, or logo, or a racing number affixed to the
hull. (a local or national or fictitious sponsor name is acceptable).
4. Hull shall have a minimum length of 27 inches, and a maximum length of 35 inches.
5. If the bow is recessed behind the tips of the sponsons, that recess shall be no larger
than 25% of the overall length of the boat. (refer to Sport Hull Configurations)
6. Boat must have a driver in open cockpit or simulated enclosed cockpit.
7. A strut width no greater than 9/16 inch wide may be mounted either under the hull
or on the transom with the farthest end of the drive dog, as measured from the
transom not extending out more than 3 inches.
8. See Sport Hull pictorial for clarification of Sport Hull Configurations.

Engine Specifications
1. IMPBA class B engine allowed in Sportsman 20 Hydro.
2. Twin engine installations are not allowed in Sportsman 20 Hydro.

General Rules
Racing to be conducted following current IMPBA Contest and Racing Rules, racing
procedures and format.

Hope im correct in the way I am reading the rules.

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